Resilient Hearts is a documentary film inspired by the catastrophic earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010, and left the country and its people devastated.

The film is directed and produced by Haitian-American actress, Claudine Oriol, who left Port-au-Prince one hour before the earthquake, and told to the world through the eyes, lives and spirit of the Haitian people – giving the voiceless a voice.


When Claudine set-out to make this film, it was important that her story was entirely authentic and conveyed what the Haitian people were going through from the moment the earthquake struck, until today.  As such, Claudine returned to Haiti and spoke with everyday people, families, government leaders, Haitian volunteers and medical aids to learn their stories of loss, struggle and relief.
What she discovered during the course of several months was quite remarkable: she had witnessed a community, which ordinarily operates as individuals, coming together as one to help its neighbors battle through the destruction left in the earthquake’s wake.


The film also dives into the important issue of receiving external aid and relief. However, aid is not limitless and once funds are exhausted, these groups pack-up and return to their homes.  Claudine implores NGO’s and individual donors to enable the people of devastated countries with the skills necessary to treat, heal and provide for themselves during these times, which would make them stronger and more sufficient if faced with another disaster.


As Haiti rebuilds and continues to recover, Claudine and her fellow Haitians look at its country not as land decimated, but as a land of opportunity and new growth. Filmed entirely in Haitian Creole (with English subtitles), this project is not only an ode not to Claudine’s fellow Haitians, but to the international community and everyone who has been impacted by this natural disaster.

DIR/SCR Claudine Oriol. Haiti, 2014, color, 74 min. In Haitian-Creole and English with English subtitles. NOT RATED.

The release date for Resilient Hearts has not yet been scheduled.